Brake Service

Brake Service

Regular Brake Service in Lombard, IL

Pit Shop Lombard understands the importance of well-functioning brakes. We take the safety of all our customers seriously, and that’s why we offer comprehensive brake services.

If your brakes feel soft or spongy, are making noises, or notice a change in your vehicle’s stopping ability, it may be time to have your brakes serviced. Pit Shop Lombard has experienced ASE-certified brake technicians who will inspect your brakes, identify the problem, and swiftly resolve the it. Brake services are usually straightforward and require minimal downtime.

How Often Should Brakes Be Replaced​

The mileage guidelines for replacing your brake pads will vary depending on the brand you’re using as well as your driving habits. Most pads need to be replaced somewhere between 30,000 and 35,000 miles. We recommend you have your brakes inspected whenever you bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance. Your mechanic will look at them, and be able to recommend a course of action based on the condition they’re in.

We have the right brake service for you in lombard, IL

We service all types of brakes on a variety of vehicles. When it’s time to have your brakes serviced, bring it to Pit Shop Lombard. That way, you’ll feel good knowing that your brakes were serviced by a reputable auto repair shop in Lombard, IL.

Some of the brake services we offer include:

We’re Known for Our Customer Service​

We’ve been providing our services to Lombard and other surrounding areas for a while now, and have built up a bit of a reputation — but don’t take our word for it, you can check out some of our customer testimonials. Working with Pit Shop Auto Repair means your vehicle will be braking smoothly again in no time.

Have Your Brakes Serviced By an Experienced and Trusted Mechanic Shop in Lombard, IL

Have your brakes been sticking? Have they been taking too long to actually stop? No matter what problem you’re having with your brakes, we can fix it! The good people of Lombard have come to expect a high level of work from our garage. Give us a call or reach out through our site today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!