Heating and A/C Repair

Heating and A/C Repair

Vehicle Heating and A/C Repair Services in the Lombard, IL Area

It’s not fun driving a car that’s too hot in the summertime and too cold in the wintertime. When something goes wrong with your heating or A/C, it causes a major inconvenience. And in some cases, it can be a safety hazard. Avoid the inconvenience by bringing your vehicle into Pit Shop Lombard for heating and A/C repair.

We Work On Most Makes and Models

A heating system will do the same thing no matter what vehicle it’s sitting in, as will an air conditioner, but their designs can vary greatly between makes and models. Whether your vehicle is American, German, Asian, or from anywhere, chances are we can service it.

What to expect with a Pit Shop Auto Repair's A/C Services

Your vehicle is equipped with an HVAC system that is designed and operated similarly to your home’s HVAC system. Your car’s HVAC system has five major components: a compressor, a condenser, a receiver-dryer, a thermal expansion valve, and an evaporator. All of these parts must work together to maintain a comfortable cabin temperature. If any of these components stop working, it can cause problems for the entire HVAC system.

Nonetheless, when you bring your vehicle to Pit Shop Auto Repair for heating or A/C repair, our experienced mechanics will always:

Lombard, IL A/C Repair

If you’re having trouble with your vehicle’s A/C, bring it to our Lombard, IL, auto repair shop. Some of the most common issues we see with car cooling systems are: no cold air from the AC, no air coming from the vents, air never getting cold, weird smells when using the AC, and the AC making noise once it’s turned on. All of these A/C problems and more can be resolved with the help of the experienced technicians at Pit Shop Lombard. We’ll get your A/C back to normal, and get you back driving comfortably on the road sooner.

Lombard, IL Heating Repair

Pit Shop Lombard is your one-stop solution for auto heating repair in Illinois. No matter if your heating system does not heat efficiently like it used to, you hear strange noises when you turn on the heating system, or the heat is not efficiently distributed throughout the interior of your car, we can help. In addition to experiencing those things, you may also notice faulty dashboard controls and faulty vents. All of these things are signs that you need auto heating repair. When you aren’t sure what’s wrong with your car’s heating system, let us take a look.