Lubricant & Fluid Service

Lubricant & Fluid Service

Affordable and Professional Fluid Change Services in Lombard, IL.

Oil and fluid are essential components for vehicles. They ensure your vehicle runs efficiently, enhance vehicle performance, and ensure your safety as you drive. In particular, engine oil lubricates the engine, transmission fluid lubricates the transmission, brake fluid ensures that your brakes can function properly, coolant protects your engine from overheating, power steering fluid helps with turning the wheels of your vehicle, and windshield wiper fluid cleans the front windshield so that you’re able to see clearly.

Experience Working on Most Makes and Models

When you’ve been in the automotive repair industry as long as we have, you get to see lots of different makes and models. We see Fords more often than Audis, but our team has experience working on practically all makes and models. Not sure if we’ll be able to service your vehicle? Just reach out to us and we can answer any questions you may have.

Which Fluids are essential?

Your car has six essential fluids that keep it running smoothly: engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid. When it comes to maintaining these six essential car fluids, you can always count on the ASE-certified mechanics at Pit Shop Lombard to do it right.

All of these fluids should be checked and refilled regularly. However, it’s not enough to simply fill your vehicle with fluids every once in a while. Instead, you need a trusted mechanic, like the ones at Pit Shop Lombard to check, change, and refill your car’s fluids. Doing so will help protect your vehicle and keep it on the road longer.

Bring Your Vehicle to an Experienced Auto Maintenance Shop in Libertyville, IL​

If you’re having issues with your vehicle, and suspect one of your fluids might be the culprit, bring it into our garage. Our team of Libertyville auto specialists have performed thousands of fluid exchanges, and they can help you too! Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment, and to ask any questions you could have.

Oil Change

It’s generally recommended that you get an oil change every 3,000 miles. This is because, over time, engine oil becomes contaminated and loses its viscosity. But with advances in engines and engine oil, it’s possible that your vehicle can go longer without an oil change. If you aren’t sure how often you should change your car’s oil, don’t worry! We can help. We have extensive knowledge of various types of vehicles and can suggest the best time to get an oil change. 

Differential Oil Replacement

Differential oil, also known as gear oil, ensures that your car’s differential continues to work in peak condition for a long time. It does this by preventing friction and overheating. Over time, gear oil can become polluted with metal particles. That can lead to your gears making noise and eventually failing. To prevent this from happening, manufacturers generally recommend having your differential oil changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Transmission fluid flushes are done to prevent transmission issues and keep your vehicle working properly. A transmission flush involves cleaning out the old, worn-out fluid from your vehicle’s transmission, and replacing it with fresh transmission fluid. This process removes harmful deposits and dirty oxidized fluid, as well as extends the life of your transmission. If you’ve noticed that your vehicle is running slow or rough at shifting gears, it’s time to bring your vehicle to Pit Shop Lombard for a transmission fluid flush. 

Brake Fluid Flush

A brake fluid flush is when you change your brake fluid entirely. During a brake fluid flush, your brake system is flushed out, and we fill up the master cylinder again with fresh brake fluid. Afterward, your brake fluid will be free of corrosion and other contaminants. As a result, you’ll experience better brake performance. If you’re having problems with your brake performance or it’s been over 30,000 miles since you had your last brake fluid flush, bring your car to our Lombard, IL auto shop, and we’ll be happy to help with a thorough brake fluid flush. 

Cooling System Flush

Cooling system flushes prevent damage to your vehicle’s engine and cooling system. The cooling system works by continuously passing coolant through channels in the engine block. Over time, the coolant passed through this system becomes contaminated with rust and scale deposits. As a result, you’ll experience things like your engine overheating, grinding or knocking engine noises, or coolant leakage. Getting a cooling system flush prevents these things from happening and keeps your vehicle in tip-top shape. 

Refrigerant Recharge

Refrigerant is different from the coolant. Refrigerant, otherwise known as freon or R-134a, is a fluid used in your vehicle to maintain cool air inside the cabin. You usually don’t have to refill your car’s refrigerant unless there’s a leak. If this happens, you’ll know that your car’s refrigerant levels are depleting when the cool air blowing inside the vehicle starts to feel warm. That’s when you bring your vehicle to the auto mechanics at Pit Shop Lombard. We will fix the leak and recharge the refrigerant by draining it, filtering out impurities, and topping it off with new refrigerant. 

Power Steering Fluid Flush

Getting a power steering flush service ensures that the components of your steering system are working properly so that you can maintain control over your vehicle. Power steering fluid can become contaminated with metal shavings and foreign particles. Left unchecked, it can lead to extensive damage to seals and other system components. To prevent this from happening and to ensure the longevity of the entire system, vehicle manufacturers suggest getting a power steering fluid flush every three to four years.