Steering & Suspension Repair

Steering & Suspension Repair

Steering and Suspension Repair in Lombard, IL

No matter where your final destination is, getting there is always easier when you have a smooth ride to look forward to with a properly functioning steering and suspension system to thank for it. Over time, your vehicle’s steering and suspension system can malfunction, and you’ll need the help of an experienced mechanic to get it back to normal. Pit Shop Auto Repair is here to help with all of your steering and suspension system repair needs.

Steering Problems Are Dangerous

Every modern car is equipped with a suspension system. This system is a protective lattice of shock-absorbing components, such as springs, shock absorbers, and dampers. These components work together to help ensure that the driver has a safe and smooth ride by absorbing the energy from obstacles on the road. When this system is out of tune, it can affect the steering system. You never want to hinder your ability to steer your vehicle. Bring your vehicle to the ASE-certified auto mechanics at Pit Shop Auto Repair, Lombard to get your suspension system and steering system back to normal, and to improve your overall driving experience.

Common Suspension Issues

The suspension is responsible for helping your vehicle to compensate for any bumps you may come across on the road. When working properly, your suspension makes your ride smooth, but when malfunctioning, you can expect the following:

If you haven’t had your suspension system inspected in the past several years, it’s about time you did. You don’t want to wait for your suspension to actually break, as this can cause a lot of damage to the rest of your vehicle.

Differential Repair

The differential splits the power going to the wheels. Vehicles that are two-wheel drive have this part in the front, and four-wheel drive vehicles have differentials in both the front and back. Cars with high mileage are more likely to need differential repairs. Sometimes a differential repair is as easy as adding fluid. But other times, it’s a much more complicated repair. That involves taking the differential device apart, checking each piece for problems, replacing or fixing the damaged pieces, and puting the whole thing back together. But as a result of repairing a differential, you can expect a smoother ride.

Power Steering Repair

The power steering system reduces the amount of power necessary to turn the front wheels of your vehicle. When it malfunctions, you’ll notice that it’s difficult to steer and turn. If you notice a whining noise when you turn the wheel, notice a slow responding steering wheel, or there is a reddish puddle underneath your car, it’s a sign to have your power steering repaired. The auto mechanics at Pit Shop Auto Repair knows what to do to locate the problem and get your power steering back on track.

Shocks and Struts Replacement

Every vehicle will eventually need to have its shocks and struts replaced. They usually wear out every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. However, they can last a shorter amount of time depending on the driver and the road conditions they regularly encounter. Replacing a vehicle’s shocks and struts will help smooth your ride and maintain contact between the tires and the ground. Bring your vehicle to our Lombard, IL, auto repair shop to have your shocks and/or struts replaced.