Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair in Lombard, IL

A car transmission is one of the most important components of a vehicle. It’s what moves the power from the engine to the wheels. Although there are a variety of car transmissions, such as automatic and manual, the automotive technicians at Pit Shop Auto Repair have the knowledge and expertise to repair all of them. We provide transmission service, repair, and replacement services for drivers in Lombard, IL, and throughout DuPage County. 

Comprehensive Transmission Services

With proper care and maintenance, transmissions can last for 300,000 miles or more. But if you don’t adhere to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and maintain your transmission, it can dramatically decrease its lifespan. That’s why having a mechanic you trust is so important. Here at Pit Shop Auto Repair, not only will we properly maintain your transmission, but we will also alert you to any minor problems that can turn into big problems down the road. 

Signs you may have transmission issues

If you noticed your vehicle doing any of these things, it’s time to let Pit Shop Auto Repair, Lombard fix your transmission for you:

Don’t delay – bring your car into Pit Shop Auto Repair today!

Automatic Transmission Repair

An automatic transmission is a multi-speed transmission that automatically selects the right gear for you in relation to speed and road conditions. Vehicles that have automatic transmissions are easier to drive than vehicles that have manual transmissions, but they can be more difficult to diagnose problems. Automatic transmission problems are usually mistaken for engine problems. So if your automatic vehicle is leaking fluids, making odd noises when shifting gears, or is unresponsive, bring it into Pit Shop Auto Repair to have it repaired.

Manual Transmission Repair

With manual transmissions, also known as a stick shift, the driver operates the clutch and decides when to switch gears. Not everyone knows how to operate a stick shift vehicle, but our auto mechanics do. They know the ins and outs of manual transmissions and how to fix them. If you hear grinding noises, have difficulty shifting gears, or your vehicle remains stuck on one gear, it means you need to have your manual transmission repaired immediately.

Clutch/Flywheel Repair

Both automatic and manual transmissions have a clutch, but did you also know that they both have a flywheel too? The flywheel is a heavy disc that is attached to the end of a rotating shaft. It links the transmission and clutch of a vehicle and determines the smooth change in gears. Just like a bad clutch, a bad flywheel can cause severe damage to your vehicle if not repaired promptly. If you’re having transmission problems, bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop and let our experts take a look at it.