IL State Inspection

IL State Inspection

You’ll Need an inspection if you want to drive in Illinois

Thinking about buying a used car? Don’t buy one until you have it inspected by Pit Shop Lombard. Having it inspected by Pit Shop Lombard not only helps prevent you from making a bad investment, but it will also help you pass the Illinois emissions test.

Illinois only requires emissions testing for certain vehicles, and only some counties uphold emissions testing requirements. DuPage is an Illinois county that requires emissions testing for cars manufactured after 1996, starting from when the vehicle reaches four years of age and every two years afterward. Pit Shop Lombard will help get your vehicle ready for the Illinois state inspection.

You’ll Need a Temporary Registration

Before you can drive your vehicle you need to have it registered with the state of Illinois, but before you can do that, you need to have your vehicle pass an inspection. Quite a conundrum. In order to escape this apparent paradox, you’ll need to acquire a thirty day temporary registration. Once you have a temporary registration, you’ll be able to drive your vehicle and bring it to our shop to have it inspected.

How Often Do I Need to Have an Emissions Inspection Performed?

The state of Illinois requires that all vehicles be inspected for their emissions every two years, starting when your vehicle model turns four years old. When was the last time you had your vehicle inspected? If you wait longer than two years, you could face some fines from the state, so be sure to keep on top of all your inspections. Avoid fines and just have your vehicle inspected by a professional auto mechanic in Libertyville, IL.

I’ve Already Failed My Inspection, What Now?

If you’ve already failed your state inspection, don’t fret, it’s not too late! Just because your vehicle failed the inspection the first time around, doesn’t mean you can’t have it inspected again. You should be given some information on why your vehicle failed, which will make diagnosing your problems easier. So if you’ve failed your state inspection, just come on by our shop, and we’ll ensure you pass the next time around.

Work with an Expert in Illinois State Inspections

At Pit Shop Auto Repair, our team of experienced Lombard, IL mechanics have years of experience performing state inspections. If you’re having troubles getting one of your vehicles to pass inspection, bring it by our Lombard mechanic shop. 

Our customers are more than just customers to us, they’re our friends and family too, and we treat them as such. Whether you’re looking to pass a safety or emissions inspection, we can help. Our team has decades of combined experience helping people in Illinois get their vehicle to pass inspection. Reach out to us today, you’ll be happy you did!