Wheel & Tire Service

Wheel & Tire Service

tire repair and replacement in Lombard, IL

Pit Shop Lombard understands how important tires are for every vehicle. They’re what allow you to drive smoothly and safely. The best way to keep your tires in tip-top condition is to stay up to date on your vehicle’s tire maintenance services.

Over time, tires can become worn out or even fail. But with routine tire maintenance, you extend the life of your tires and ensure that you remain safe on the road. The auto mechanics at Pit Shop Lombard can help you stay up to date on your vehicle’s tire maintenance needs by performing tire inspections, tire rotation, tire balancing, wheel bearing replacement, and tire replacement services. We’re your one-stop shop for all your tire maintenance needs.

Wheel and Tire Balancing

Despite their appearance, tires and wheels are not perfectly round. Because they aren’t perfectly round, it’s common for the weight of the vehicle to be distributed unevenly amongst the tires when driving, and therefore cause your vehicle to vibrate and for your tires to wear out prematurely. When your wheels and tires are balanced, it redistributes the weight evenly around the axle shaft. For vehicles with significant wheel and tire imbalances, a weight can be attached to one of the wheels to restore the balance. No matter the case for your tires, Pit Shop Lombard will balance them out for you. 

Tire Replacement

When your tires become too worn-out, you’ll need to replace them. Tires usually last around six years, but they may need to be replaced sooner than that if their tread becomes lower than 1/16th of an inch. The auto mechanics at Pit Shop Lombard will replace your old, worn-out tires with new and improved ones. Our goal is to keep you safe and your car running smoothly. That’s why we take the time to inform you about your options and make tire recommendations based on your budget, expectations, and driving. 

Illinois Tire Rotation Services

Rotating tires means moving them from one position to another. This service is important because, over time, your tires will wear out unevenly. If your tires wear out unevenly, you will need to replace your tires a lot sooner. Pit Shop Lombard will help protect your tires from uneven wear by rotating your tires. We’ll strategically change the position of your wheels to allow for more even distribution of wear and tear. Manufacturers usually recommend getting this service done every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. 

Wheel Bearing Replacement

Wheel bearings are important for your vehicle’s braking, steering, and suspension systems. Located between the drive axle and the brake disc or drums, this relatively small part ensures that your wheels maintain contact with the vehicle at all times. They usually last anywhere from 85,000 to 100,000 miles, but you’ll know when it’s time to have them replaced when you hear humming noises, notice uneven tire wear, or your wheel wobbles. If you experience these telltale signs of bad wheel bearings, don’t keep driving your vehicle – bring it to Pit Shop Lombard to have your wheel bearings replaced. 

Work with a Trusted Tire Service Provider in Illinois

If you need a new tire, or four, installed, you’ve come to the right place! At Pit Shop Auto Repair, we’ve installed and serviced thousands of tires in our years of operation. No matter what problem you’re having with the tires on your vehicle, we’re here to help. We look forward to hearing from you, and to working with you!