Fuel System Repair

Fuel System Repair

Fuel System Repair and Maintenance in Lombard, IL

When you need help with your fuel system, turn to the experts at Pit Shop Auto Repair. Our technicians have years of experience repairing fuel system issues in both fuel injection and carburetor vehicles. There’s no fuel system problem we can’t resolve, so bring your vehicle into Pit Shop Auto Repair today!

What Does the Fuel System Do?

The fuel system is made up of the fuel tank, pump, filter, and injectors or a carburetor. Together, these parts are responsible for delivering fuel to the engine as needed. If even one of these components stops working, it can severely impact your vehicle’s performance. The more components your car’s fuel system has, the more things that can go wrong. That’s why it’s important to adhere to your fuel system maintenance schedule, and bring your vehicle into our Illinois repair shop as soon as you suspect something wrong with your fuel system.

We Provide the Following Fuel System Repair Services

Carburetor Repair

A carburetor is a device that mixes air and fuel for internal combustion. Nearly every car manufactured before 1990 has a carburetor because they are simple and inexpensive. When something goes wrong with your car’s carburetor, oftentimes it will need to be rebuilt. Rebuilding a carburetor isn’t easy; so bring your vehicle into Pit Shop Auto Repair where our technicians can diagnose a carburetor problem and rebuild it for you. 

Fuel Tank Repair

The most common problem associated with fuel tanks is leaks. Fuel tanks can leak for a number of reasons, including a damaged gas cap, a faulty rubber seal, or damage inside the gas tank. You can usually tell there’s a problem with your gas tank when you can smell gasoline when you drive, see large drops in the fuel gauge, or see a puddle below the car. If you experience any of these things, bring your vehicle into Pit Shop Auto Repair to have it repaired immediately. 

Fuel Pump Repair

Your fuel pump probably isn’t the part of your vehicle that you spend the most time thinking about. A fuel pump can last for years without incident and without regular maintenance. But when something goes wrong with your fuel pump, it can cause overheating and negatively affect your vehicle’s performance and drivability. In some instances, problems caused by a faulty fuel pump can be resolved by thoroughly cleaning it or repairing it. In other instances, however, it will need to be replaced. 

Fuel Line Repair 

Fuel lines are hoses used to bring fuel from one point in a vehicle to another. They are located on the underside of the vehicle and are partially exposed to the elements. Since they are partially exposed to the elements, they can get crushed, rot, or disintegrate over time. When fuel lines are damaged, it can lead to leaks and inconsistent fuel flowing to your engine. Luckily, Pit Shop Auto Repair can help with damaged fuel lines. No matter what happens to your fuel lines, we have the tools and expertise to fix them before they can cause any more damage or further risk your safety.

Diesel Fuel Injection System Service

A diesel fuel injection system directly injects diesel fuel into the cylinder. Faulty diesel fuel injection systems can cause misfires, increased fuel consumption, produce dirty emissions, and an array of other problems. Pit Shop Auto Repair provides diesel fuel injection system service in Dupage County. When you bring your vehicle to use for diesel fuel injection system service, we’ll remove accumulated deposits from the entire fuel system. That includes removing deposits from the fuel lines, injector pump, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers. We recommend servicing your vehicle’s diesel fuel injection system every 18,000 to 24,000 miles.