Exhaust System Repair

Exhaust System Repair

Lombard Exhaust System Repair Services​

Your exhaust system has four main functions: control noise, direct exhaust fumes away from passengers, improve engine performance, and improve fuel consumption. When something goes wrong with your car’s exhaust system, it can cause major problems. Luckily, Pit Shop Auto Repair in Lombard, IL services all parts of your vehicle’s exhaust system.

Catalytic Converter Repair​

Catalytic converters convert toxins to carbon dioxide and water for cleaner emissions. When something goes wrong with the catalytic converter, your engine will have a hard time managing the buildup pressure. Unfortunately, the catalytic converter is one of the costliest parts of the exhaust system to replace. But if you don’t resolve the problem, your vehicle won’t pass the emissions test. Contact us if you think that your catalytic converter is in need of repair.

Exhaust Manifold Repair

The exhaust manifold is the first section of a vehicle’s exhaust system. It’s responsible for funneling exhaust gases from all the cylinders and directing them to the car’s catalytic converter. The most common problem that occurs within the exhaust manifold is leaks. Leaks can be dangerous because the escaping hot gases can melt the surrounding engine components and cause even more damage to your vehicle. Our experienced technicians can prevent this from happening by replacing your vehicle’s exhaust manifold.

Exhaust Valve and Piston Repair

An exhaust valve is a valve that releases burned gases from a cylinder, and a piston valve is a device that is used to control the motion of a fluid along a tube or pipe. It’s hard to diagnose a problem with these parts, so it’s best to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop if you’re experiencing problems with your exhaust system.

Other Lombard, IL Exhaust System Repairs

Pit Shop Auto Repair, repairs a variety of exhaust system problems. This includes tailpipe problems, muffler problems, exhaust pipe problems, and more. Contact us if you have additional questions about our exhaust system repair services.