Why Car Repairs Are More Complicated with Technology

Why Car Repairs Are More Complicated with Technology

Today’s modern cars can do so many things. They can park themselves, drive themselves, monitor your blind spot, and much more. While all of this technology has made driving easier, it certainly hasn’t made car repair easier. As car technology becomes more complicated, car repair becomes more complicated and expensive. Take a look at these advanced technology car features and why they’re complicated to repair.



Smart Windshields

Gone are the days when a windshield is just a sheet of glass. These days, windshields are equipped with cameras and sensors that must be accounted for when a windshield is replaced. When you replace a windshield that has various cameras and sensors, the glass must be integrated perfectly with all the technology for everything to work. That requires more labor and better tools. As a result, this seemingly simple repair will cost you more than it would a few years ago. 


Smart Bumpers

If you purchased a modern vehicle with assistive technology, your bumper does more than bracing your car for collision. Newer cars have sensors attached to the bumper that do things like keep the vehicle in its lane and blind spot monitoring. If something happens to your car’s bumper and you need to have it repaired, it’s a complicated repair. Everything attached to the bumper will need to be calibrated, installed, and programmed correctly after the bumper is installed.


Automatic Brake Systems

Does your vehicle have automatic braking? Repairing your brakes won’t be easy. This major safety improvement for modern cars is good for when you don’t react quick enough and can help you avoid collisions, but it can also be a headache when it’s time to have it repaired. Not only is replacing and repairing a modern brake system more complicated, but it’s also more expensive. 


Advanced Building Materials 

While older cars were constructed out of steel and iron, newer cars are constructed out of advanced materials such as aluminum, magnesium alloys, composites, and high-strength steel. All of these modern materials cannot be repaired easily, and require more labor to do so. So do not be surprised if your minor fender bender costs you much more than expected. 


We Make Car Repair Simple

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